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June 4th, 2013

i have silver fillings and had two broken teeth in the past, i wanted white fillings they filled them with part white fillings which have broke again what are my options as i want white ones.


Hello Fay,
White fillings only work really well when you have at least half of the natural tooth left, whereas silver fillings can cover most of the tooth quite reliably. If there just is not enough of your natural tooth left then a crown - a complete covering of the tooth, or a partial crown (partial covering) or an 'onlay' (which can be made in porcelain or gold) - is a much stronger better option then a white filling.
Usually crowns can be made with white porcelain surfaces but they will always be more expensive than fillings because they are made by skilled dental technicians on models of your teeth.
They can also be made using Cad Cam technology called CEREC, where porcelain crowns, onlays and inlays can be made in one visit by your dentist. The whole procedure can take as little as an hour or two.
This type of restorations for teeth, if done to a good standard will last many many years in a well maintained mouth.

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